Tao Qing Yu

My name is Tao Qing Yu.

I was born in 1970 in Jiang Xi province, southern China. Since my childhood, I have been interested in Chinese traditional qi gongs, Buddhist and Taoist culture. I grew up watching my father practicing qi gong and ever since have been fascinated by it.

I first learned acupuncture, tai chi and some other forms of qi gong to help solving mine and other peoples´ health problems.

I always felt that these practices were not complete.


Tao 1

I started to practice Zhineng qigong in 1993.

Through my practice I came to deeply love and respect it. In my view, Zhineng qigong is an amazing method for bringing benefit to self and others.


In 1996 I went to Huaxia Zhineng qigong training centre and one year later started the two year teachers´ training class.

After my graduation,I worked at the Huaxia healing centre for one year.

Since I left Huaxia centre at the end of 1999 I have been traveling throughout China,   Hong Kong, Europe,to teach Zhineng qigong and give healing to lots of people.  

I have a dream. I deeply wish to pass on my knowledge and experience to other people all around the globe, spread Zhineng qigong culture and enable everyone to enjoy life, be happy, free and healthy.