Lirethno Traditions Qi Gong & Alchemy

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The purpose of « L’Information et Recherche en Ethnopratiques » : The information and the research in Ethnopractices", is to study in the diversity the body practices whiches existe all around the world, to extract from them one or severals common points and in creating links between them.


Here two of the most iomportant ideas we are studying ; the chinese tradition, throught chinese inner arts and the the traditional chinese medecine, and the western alchemical tradition.


The studies and the research are pragmatics and operatives, it means experienced with the body. Because a law or a concept which can't be apply to the matter have no very interest in such activities.


Of course those research for a common field with all the human kind, throught all the times were elaborated to make his own path on earth a brief moment of harmony and in chord with his natural environment.


Far, very far from wanted to impose a vision, the incline of this work is concentrated about smoothing the "cultural" différences to leave from the exotisme and enter in a community of experiences, translated in a different way, in their shape, but similiar about the soul which animate them.