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Retreat with teacher XI XIAO FENG

Du 09/10/2019 au 07/11/2019

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One month of immersion in practice



in Portugal

"To develop the presence and attention to the true being,

path of healing, path of enlightenment. "

From October 09 to November 07, 2019


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If there is a secret in the practice of Zhi Neng Qi Gong, it is "Practice"!

If there is a promise of real change, of healing, it is still "practice"!

However, this "practice" needs consciousness as a guide.

If this is simple, it is not easy.


Also for this purpose and through the experience of transmission from Dr. Pang He Ming and teacher Xi Xiaofeng, it is important to develop presence and attention so that consciousness deeply penetrates the body to become its guide and reference.

It is here that this reversal of the mind and the ego takes place to serve a boundless greatness and to reach this state of oneness.

It can be noted that if seminars of a few days can sometimes affect this state, it can also be insufficient.

Retreats in China of a month or more, open this perspective more significantly.


This is the basis for our decision, at the invitation of teacher Xi Xiaofeng, is to propose this month of deep practice, some of our students have already had a taste at the 6-day seminar in October 2018.


It is a real discipline that invites towards vacancy rather than vacation, and we have chosen a place where the Spirit already lingers via other practices, where the ocean also breathes its spray and where the horizon opens without limit...

For, both outside and inside, everything is at the most propitious for your achievement.




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This retreat will take place in Portugal, near Lisbon in the Monastery

Casa de Exercícios de Santo Inácio, COLARES

Teaching will be in English

Price :

  • 110 € / day / person all inclusive, teaching and accommodation full board in twin room (for a single room +5 € / day)

For a sstay of less than 20 days :

  • 120 € / day / person all inclusive in twin room

If the kitchen of the monastery agrees to prepare vegetarian meals, we strongly advise the people concerned to provide their dietary supplement if necessary.

During the stay, bed linen will be changed once a week.

A shuttle is provided to take you from the airport or Lisbon station to the monastery: 50 € for 8 people.

During the stay, the monastery will be immersed in complete silence for a week.

We will take advantage of this silence to enter even more deeply into the practice.


Hun Yuan Ling Tong !


Hao Le !

*English translation from french by Rodolphe

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Casa de Exercícíos de Santo Inácio Estrada do Rodízio, 124 Praia Grande, 2705-335 COLARES Portugal

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